Steve Healis
Pass the Baton
Legal services opportunities abound in small business law 
The worldwide “Great Recession” has hit the legal services industry hard – according to a Nov. 2009 report issued by the National Law Journal, the top 250 U.S. law firms cut 5,259 attorney positions in the worst year since the NLJ began compiling the statistics…. more
Steve Healis
Pass the Baton
Sales of commercial property management companies workable despite down real estate market 
Is now a good time to buy or sell a commercial property management services business?…more
Steve Healis
Pass the Baton
CPAs Capitalize on Latest Business Opportunities 
Even in a down economy, accounting professionals have an abundance of opportunities for increased billing because the buying and selling of businesses never ceases and the field of business succession is growing as millions of Baby Boomers seek… more
Ralph Rodheim
Rodheim Marketing
Profits from Non-profits 
Can you profit from a non-profit? It only takes four steps… In our complex English language, many words have multiple meanings. Profit is one such word. Of course there are the sages…. more
Steve Healis
Pass the Baton
20/20/20 Vision: Retire on $20,000 a month
This plan will earn you $20,000 a month for life while taking off more than 20 days per month. This is not a get-rich strategy. It’s a get-rich slowly strategy. In less than 20 minutes,..more
Steve Healis
How to Retire Young; Be Lazy and Pessimistic and Hate your Job
Retire sooner than ever imagined. Keep your income for the rest of your life. How? Simply by applying three values to your professional life: laziness, pessimism and disdain… more
John Warrillow
Time Magazine
Don’t Become Irreplaceable. 
One of the biggest casualties of the recession may be the health of America’s 27 million business owners. Aging and wounded by the crisis, more than 50% of business owners in the U.S. say… more
Jonelle Marte 
Wall St. Journal
Boom Times for Young Workers
As companies adjust to operating with leaner staffs, many young professionals have been handed new responsibilities typically reserved for employees with more work experience under their…. more
Jan Norman
OC Register
Can’t sell a firm? Pass the baton
Selling small, private business is so tough these days that Newport Beach entrepreneur Steve Healis has come up with a different way for business owners to pass the baton. In fact, that’s the… more
Ned Madden
Business Week Exchange
Pass The Baton Introduces ‘Baton Partnerships’ – 
Unique SMB Owner-Employee Business Sale Transition Process 
– Pass the Baton’s owner-to-employee business transition “Baton Partnerships” — for small-to-medium-sized businesses… more
Ned Madden
USA Today
Pass The Baton Introduces ‘Baton Partnerships’ – 
Pass the Baton is recruiting a network of consultants to market the Baton Partnership Program, first in Southern California and then nationwide later in 2010. The company has plans to establish… more
Kristen Schott
O.C. Sees Spike in Business Sales Activity 
96 firms changed hands in January, up from 80 in 2009, according to A new report from shows a much-needed uptick in business sales activity in… more
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