About the Company

about the company :: overview
Pass the Baton is a unique method for transitioning business ownership to a key employee, benefiting company owners as well as key employees. Founded by Steve Healis, Pass the Baton was the culmination of his early retirement goals, resulting in the successful sale of his company and a winning solution for all parties. Steve’s approach to achieve a balance between work and personal life is a living dream. It is his belief in balance, coupled with a proven ability to achieve his business and personal visions, that affords Pass the Baton the ability to work with other business owners to accomplish their own business and personal visions… and to live their dreams. Steve decided to take a step back in 2017 and passed the baton of ownership to Greg Saffer who did a Pass the Baton transition in his company in 2013. Like the old Gillette commercials – He liked the business so much he bought it! Assisting small- to medium-sized companies nationwide, Pass the Baton focuses on companies with annual sales between $500,000 to $25 Million.

about the company :: mission
Our mission is to enable business owners to grow and ultimately transition their companies to key employees, family members or select others, while earning consistent income, achieving the life- changing dream of freedom. At the same time, we help key employees or select buyers acquire the company and achieve their own dream of business ownership. We achieve beneficial results with minimum risk and maximum value.

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Steve Healis :: Founder – Retired ::

Steve has followed the 5 steps he has outlined in his 20/20/20 Vision. He graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering. He then received his large company experience with Procter & Gamble, Frito-Lay, and Technicolor. Steve’s initial small company and management experience came during his tenure with a small janitorial company. In 1994 he left to start Avalon Building Maintenance, Inc. Steve grew Avalon to $9 million in annual revenue in 5 years. Steve then opened York Employment Services in September, 2000 with 2 partners and grew it to $5 million in annual revenue in the first 3 years. Other successful ventures he assisted in establishing include Axis Technical Group in 2001 ($5 million in revenue), and Vintage Motors (hardly any revenue, but lots of fun). In 2003, Steve invented a unique way to sell Avalon to the key employees and semi-retired. He later helped other business associates transition ownership with the method he developed and decided in 2009 to become a consultant and begin marketing the concept. This was the start of Pass the Baton, a proven transition/acquisition method that will work for just about any privately held company. In 2015, Steve was inducted into the Engineering Hall of Fame at Cal Poly Pomona and in 2017 retired from Pass the Baton.


Greg Saffer :: President :: Direct Phone: (970) 946-5542

Greg founded a freight brokerage company in 1987. After 26 successful years he recently sold the multimillion dollar firm to a key employee using the “Pass the Baton” method. He and his wife of 38 years have relocated to SW Colorado where they are enjoying life in the mountains. Staying engaged is important to Greg and the reason he has started a consulting firm to help other business owners achieve their dreams. Having lived the “Pass the Baton” transition he is well qualified to guide others through this unique exit strategy as a Pass the Baton partner. Greg says: “There are thousands of business owners (particularly boomers) that have spent their lives building a business and taking care of their employees that find themselves exactly where I was. They are ready to move on, but the bulk of their wealth is tied up in the business with no reasonable way to get out. It’s not for everyone, but for many, the “Pass the Baton” method is a perfect fit and a life changing event for both seller and buyer.” Feel free to contact Greg to discuss the freedom possible in your next chapter of life.