20/20/20 Vision: Retire on $20,000 a month

Steve Healis
Retired Founder, Pass the Baton

steveBased on my experience, I have formulated an incredibly simple but effective career path that:

  • We can explain in 20 minutes;
  • you can achieve in 20 years or less;
  • will pay you $20,000 a month for the rest of your life.

Whether a college student, an employee or a business owner, you possess the potential to achieve this dream. This is not a get-rich quick scheme, it is a get-rich slowly strategy.

The Pass the Baton career path is simple to learn; hard to master.

Step 1 – College – Learn to Learn

A college degree, while not imperative, is important. Learn how to learn, to work effectively in groups, to analyze, to speak publicly, to make things happen.

Step 2 – Large Company – Give and Take. The days of a 30-year career followed by a life-long pension are history. “Give” it your all at a major company, but know you will leave. “Take” by learning to manage, hire and fire; set and achieve goals; build and maintain budgets; sell and market. This experience trains you, moves you, tests you. Take time, outside of work,999 to find the company you want to own.

Step 3 – Small Company – Find the Ferraris. Look for a successful company. Steer clear of hobbies; it could destroy your love for the hobby and may also be a money-loser. Leverage your network to identify what business works for you. Get involved in the business part time to make sure you love it. Consider a business that doesn’t demand hourly work to generate income.

Step 4 – Key Employee – Pick Me, Pick Me! Join a company with one objective: becoming its key employee. Treat the company as though it is your own (it will be). Learn and master every working part of the company. Prove to the current owner that you can take the company to the next level.  As a key employee, grab the baton so that we can show the owner the benefits of a Baton Partnership.

Step 5 – Your Company – Pass the Baton! You, as the business owner, hire key employees that foster growth and success. Under normal circumstances, the dream of selling the company for a million dollars and sailing off into the sunset is next to impossible. Pass the Baton provides you with $20,000/month for 50 years. Treating the transaction as an installment sale provides huge tax benefits, maintains minimal involvement in the company (one day a month), and eliminates the headaches of day-to-day operations. Spend guilt-free time pursuing other goals –charities, launch new companies, pursue hobbies, travel.  We help you define and live your dream.

Wherever you are on this path, contact Greg Saffer for a complimentary one on one consultation. We help you take these steps. It will be an incredible journey!

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