Profits from Non-profits

Ralph Rodheim
President, Rodheim Marketing Group

Can you profit from a non-profit? It only takes four steps.

ralph-rodheimIn our complex English language, many words have multiple meanings. Profit is one such word. Of course there are the sages, who are said to be prophets. Making money can mean being profitable. And by helping others, we all profit.

And then there is the world of non-profit. If you participate in your children’s PTA, church group, AYSO, a health-related cause or a business organization, you can profit from a non-profit. How? Here are four easy steps.

  1. Join an organization that you are passionate about. You must feel strongly about the organization in order to do a good job, and when you do a good job everyone will benefit. Don’t join the opera society if you hate opera! How do you find the right organization? Ask friends what they do to make their community a better place, check with your children’s schools, your church, and research where business associates are volunteering.
  1. Join a committee with the ultimate goal of becoming a board member. All too often, we go to networking activities and then are disappointed that no business is developed. Only by joining a committee and doing a great job will people notice that you’re competent and quite possibly want to work with you and your business in the future.
  1. People do business with people they know and trust. Once you develop relationships in a non-profit organization, you have common interests and can begin the process of business development.
  1. Cold calling is tough. However, calling on behalf of your favorite non-profit is easy. Why? Because you are passionate about what you’re doing! Again, once the relationship is developed, you can transition from non-profit to profitable business development.

Just do it! Involvement is the key to profiting from nonprofit participation. The organization is not as important as what you do once you participate. Make sure you do an impressive job wherever and whenever you volunteer. Don’t over-commit; non-profits can consume considerable time if you let it.   Good luck! Remember: by participating in a non profit everyone wins. And who knows? You might even “profit”!

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